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Google Livestream – Trends in Digital for Automotive

While the Old Mantra used to be: Get the customer to the dealership the New Mantra should be: Bring the dealership to the customer. These are the trends we'll be looking at as we host the Google Livestream on Automotive Digital Trends on August 15th. Doors will open...

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Bing Search Removes Sidebar Ads

Bing will be removing their sidebar search ads by the end of the March. According to a press release from the search engine: "During recent testing, we found that a SERP [search engine results page] layout excluding sidebar text ads produced overall click gains for...

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What’s New in Google AdWords for Fall 2017

Stop by Weds morning  (Sept 20) at 10:30 for coffee and a look at how Google sees the current state of B2B Advertising (Presentation will start at 11 am). It will be a super casual morning with coffee and snacks (donuts?) while we watch the live...

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What is the effect of Google AI on SEO?

Google has now started using machine learning for its search results. While this has improved the quality of the search results, it has presented challenges to brands which must now get smarter and work within the industry SEO rules. Here are the main things that must...

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SEO for 2017: What has changed?

SEO for 2017: What has changed? There has been the talk that SEO is dead. As we always maintain, this is far from the truth. Search Engine Optimization is much alive and effective and it's one of our most popular classes! However, there are a number of things that...

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