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SEO for 2017: What has changed?

SEO for 2017: What has changed? There has been the talk that SEO is dead. As we always maintain, this is far from the truth. Search Engine Optimization is much alive and effective and it's one of our most popular classes! However, there are a number of things that...

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Highlights of Google AdWords Editor 12

Google AdWords Editor12 is now available for advertisers across the globe. It comes with a new design and a number of features that include faster account downloads, custom rules and support for bidding in order to maximize conversions and many others. Refreshed look...

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How Google Grants for Nonprofits Works

Google Grants for Nonprofits Google Grants for Nonprofits is an incredible program in which Google provides free Google AdWords advertising—up to $10,000 USD per month—on Google search result pages, to eligible nonprofit organizations. The program is designed to help...

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DemandQuest Referral & Affiliate Program

We've always believed that word of mouth and testimonials were the best way to get the word out about our great classes & training and with that in mind, we've started an affiliate program that we invite you to join. Since we teach digital marketing to digital...

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Update Your Google Ads to Expanded Text Ads the Easy Way

Expanded text ads are not just a good idea; they're a must-do. As more and more visitors come in through mobile, optimizing for mobile is essential. You can read about the advantages of expanded text ads here (as well as the guidelines) and when you're ready to roll...

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3 Big Changes to Google AdWords

There have been a lot of announcements coming from Google regarding AdWords this spring and summer but what's really going on? Here's a highlight of the new features that will affect your campaigns now. 1) Expanded Text Ads: Google's new ads are now 47% bigger which...

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More Changes & Updates to Google AdWords

​Last week was a big one for Google AdWords news. Not only did they eliminate ads on the right-hand column of search results (you can read more about that here), they also introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs with the purpose of creating a “better, faster...

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Getting Google Analytics & Google AdWords Certified

Interested in getting Google Analytics and/or Google AdWords Certified?  Whether you're new to Google's complex software or have been using it for years, here are some reasons you may want to get your certifications. Why get Certified: Clients and employers believe...

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