Digital advertising Fundamentals

Learn Google AdWords, Social Media Advertising, and Google Analytics in this great Digital Advertising series.

Perfect for small business owners, people new to AdWords, Social Media Ads and Analytics and anyone looking to learn introductory online marketing skills. This class will be offered again Fall 2018. 

  • Digital Advertising Fundamentals Part One, Google AdWords: $150
  • Digital Advertising Fundamentals Part Two, Social Media Advertising: $150
  • Digital Advertising Fundamentals Part Three, Google Analytics: $150

All classes will meet from 9:30-3:30 pm and will include a one hour break for lunch. Register for all three classes and save $50!

Google AdWords: You don’t have a huge advertising budget to start your own online advertising campaign. So instead of paying someone to manage your accounts, learn how to create an advertising campaign where you control the monthly ad spend and are able to turn your ads on and off whenever you like.  Learn how to set up an AdWords account properly and how to create a targeted campaign that will save you money and improve your ROI. We’ll teach you how people search and how to create a targeted keyword list including negatives, how to optimize your campaign for maximum performance and much more.

Social Media Advertising covers the fundamentals of advertising as well as optimization and reporting. Learn how to create awesome, effective Social Media Advertising campaigns. We’ll cover the most powerful ways to leverage your social media presence, create compelling ads & messaging that will convert and increase leads.

  • Advertising on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
  • Properly set up & manage your social advertising accounts
  • Learn how to use the most effective images, copy and CTA (call-to-actions) in your ads
  • Social analytics & engagement management

Google Analytics:  This introductory course will teach you how to properly implement GA on your site, create reports and analyze the data. We will cover adding tracking codes to sites, setting up an executive dashboard, creating new profiles vs. new accounts, basic reporting, setting up goals, e-commerce tracking and more.

Classes will be offered again fall of 2018. Please see our Google AdWords 101, Analytics 101, and Social Media Advertising.

The DemandQuest Digital Advertising Fundamentals series is typically 3 classes lasting around 4-hours per (generally 1-5 pm), starting with beginning concepts, platforms and moving into advanced remarketing, optimization, and reporting. Individual classes are $150.

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*Prices and dates subject to change without notification. 

Google analytics training

Learn everything from simple setup, to navigating the interface, reporting, analyzing the data and current analytics best practices.

Google adwords training

Learn the correct way to create and manage high-performing online advertising campaigns for practically any product or service.

social media advertising

Learn everything from simple setup, to navigating the interface, reporting, analyzing the data and current analytics best practices.


Search engine optimization

Learn powerful ways to leverage your social media presence with compelling ads & messaging that will convert, and increase leads.

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