Co-Op Advertising Programs

Co-op Advertising Programs

Co-op advertising is an amazing way to get your independent agents, franchisees, free-lancers or participants more clients while keeping them vested. Get way more visibly and engagement for your company and products/services while sharing the financial onus with your participants. We make the process streamlined and easy for you!

Co-op advertising is when a company offers a program where independent agents can opt-in to a custom advertising program that will be set up and managed internally. Co-op programs can be run with financial contributions from corporate or without. Some programs offer 100% matches, 50% matches or none at all. Demand Quest will create the

·      Co-op strategy

·      Onboarding procedures and documents

·      Marketing materials

·      Participant resources and follow up

·      Advertising campaign creation and management

·      Optimization & Reporting

Demand Quest has created and implemented co-op advertising programs for Home Team Pest Defense, Edina Realty Real Estate Agents, Luther Automotive for Dealers, and other companies and franchises. Learn More about Co-op advertising program options today!

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