Facebook Ads Can Now Have Text – Text Overlay Tool is now Defunct

When it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads you used to have two options – you could have images without ANY text at all and you’d be safe. If you want to add any text to your image ads then you had to use the Facebook Text Overlay Tool. Now Facebook is saying that There is no longer a limit on the amount of text that can exist in your ad image. The text overlay tool is no longer available. And while that’s all good and makes life easier for your designers, it doesn’t mean you can go crazy with text. Here are some tips for new Facebook ads:

Testing is the best way to find out what works with your audience. As you decide on the right approach for your ads, here are some common practices that we’ve seen work well for advertisers.

  • Use the recommended aspect ratio for each placement. See aspect ratios supported by placements.

  • Use high-resolution images. See our minimum pixel size requirements.
  • Show your product or brand. People scroll through Feeds quickly. Show what you’re selling, your brand or your logo to communicate your message efficiently.

  • Avoid too much image text. We’ve found that images with less than 20% text perform better.

  • Focus your message. Crop tightly around the important part of the image. To show multiple images, use the carousel format.
  • Preview your ads. Use Creative Hub to experience your ads as your audiences will on computers and phones.

And note that Instagram is still a platform for photos and videos. If you start using ads with a lot of text your ads will stand out as well, ads. To integrate seamlessly into feeds and stories, we still recommend using images and videos without a lot (or any) text.

Good bye Text Overlay Tool. You really won’t be missed.

All in-person digital marketing classes moved to virtual for the foreseeable future

We’ve always done training virtually as it’s the best fit for some of our international students but in 2020 and into 2021, it looks like all our digital marketing training will be done via Zoom, Google Meet, etc. This is not always our favorite method of teaching (I’m sure most of you can’t even deal with seeing the word Zoom anymore) but we’ve adjusted our training to meet this new need. The reason we’re so different from the plethora of online digital marketing classes is the personal connection you get when you have an actual live teacher helping you learn the material. We’ll continue to give stellar personalized training, it just won’t be in person. Let us know what you’d like to learn and we can help you learn it! For more advanced marketers and advertisers, we’re also offering advertising audits to help refine your online advertising efforts. Learn about the details here or call us at 651-460-8770 today. 

We Believe Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

To our BIPOC students and their families, our teachers, and community – we at DemandQuest hear you, see you, and pledge our support as allies in rejecting racism, injustice, and hate. We are heartbroken and we are outraged by the unjust killings of Black citizens and the racism and intolerance behind them. We believe that Black Lives Matter, that justice matters, and that the fight for meaningful change involves us all.

We’re not trying to jump on the bandwagon of change – we’re trying to be the change as we support BICOP. We support and love our Minneapolis and St Paul neighbors in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. We educate across the US but we have deep ties to the Twin Cities and had the opportunity to clean up along University Ave and Lake St as well as help distribute food and essentials.





Digital Marketing Classes Update

Hello Digital Marketers!

We wanted to give you an update on our public classes as we’ve been getting a ton of inquiries. We’re now able to start classes at a reduced capacity but have found that most people are still more comfortable doing training online via Zoom. We’re in the process of putting together public classes but have a lot of July and August scheduled out for customized corporate training. If you’re interested in scheduling training, please let us know and we’ll look at setting something up soon. Check back in soon – we’re uploading tools and best practices for digital marketing curing Covid on our blog weekly.

Hoping to see you again soon!

Is your co op program working to its fullest potential?

Is it time to audit your Co op efforts?

We work with a number of companies who use a co op program to encourage their retailers to manage online advertising campaigns through matched funds or company funds. Your retailers excel at knowing your products but they don’t always excel at selling them online, especially in the competitive world of online retail. We’ll take a look at your retailers online advertising efforts and make suggestions for how to improve their sales without competing with the parent company or nearby re-sellers. We can also look at your Co op set up and help you navigate fund allowances, reporting, management and optimization. Contact us today for a free assessment and talk about your co op strategies, efforts, and goals.

Upon conducting the audit, a report will be delivered with an assessment of the following key components of your account:

  • Overall account performance for your retailers
  • Overall account performance for your internal campaigns (if applicable)
  • Overlap of efforts
  • Relevance of keywords and search terms you’re bidding on
  • Account structure and settings
  • Ad spend and ROI optimization


Classes Cancelled Due to Covid-19

Just as we were ramping up for our Spring 2020 training semester, we’re going to have to cancel all spring and summer digital marketing classes. Please contact us for more information about online training and fall classes. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Let us know you’re interested in our classes by signing up below for our email list. We’ll let you know when and where we’re scheduling our next series. If we have enough interest, our next digital marketing classes will most likely be in late fall 2020.

Stay healthy, stay home, and we’ll see you when we can! Thanks for your continued support.