Fall Digital Marketing Class Registration Open

Digital Marketing Classes in Minneapolis; registration is now open for our career changing 2017 Fall classes.

Get the most comprehensive Digital Marketing training in the Twin Cities including Google Analytics, PPC (Google AdWords), Social Media Advertising & Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Attend our 4 most popular digital marketing classes, receive your Digital Marketing Certificate, and save $350! Register today for the best Digital Marketing Classes in Minneapolis.

Check our all our Digital Marketing Classes in Minneapolis; taught in-person by industry professionals at our school inNortheast. We’ve been teaching since 2011 and have helped many students get promotions and even land new jobs thanks to our in-depth training. Our classes are not hour-long intros. We will teach you how to properly set up, manage, optimize, report, and use your digital marketing techniques to the fullest with our 10-25 hour long class series.

Google AdWords –  Sept 27 & 28, Oct 4, 5, & 12 from 1-5 pm: Learn how to create, manage and analyze high-performing online advertising campaigns. Learn what new features are available in your MCC, see a higher CTR and lower CPC & CPM, and prep for your Google AdWords Certification Test.

Google Analytics – Oct 16, 17, 19, & 20 from 1-5 pm: Learn how to navigate Google Analytics,  analyze data and improve your overall business performance and ROI. Learn how to track web visitors and turn those visitors into qualified leads. Analytics is a powerful tool that will help you determine which practices are best for your business in terms of marketing and advertising online. 

Search Engine Optimization – Sept 19 & 26 from 1-5: Learn how to make your website work for you! Learn how to optimize your website & landing pages so that they show up higher in search engine results organically. 

Social Media Advertising – Oct 11 & 18 from 1-5: Options for advertising through social media channels have changed drastically in the last few years. Learn how to pick which platform is best for your business and how to create effective campaigns including geo-targeting, remarketing, analytics, and much more.

Register today or call Rachael at 612-460-8770 with any questions. We look forward to seeing you in class!

New Look Google Analytics – what is new and what has changed

Google has been changing the face of Google Analytics gradually until it made a full overhaul. With all the Google Analytics Updates, what has changed in the new Home view?

Google Analytics configures data for you

Google Analytics has become a mega reporting tool that brings out lots of information on logging in. The report picks out the key metrics that you need and brings them to the forefront. It does not require you to configure anything. The AI will do all the work for you. If you have certain goals that you need to be met through some data, Google Analytics will pull the report for you fast. Its key driver is to make it easier to pick your key insights for your client or business.

Your analytics questions answered

Below are some of the reports that are present in the new Home View. Each report is labeled with some questions that give a basic feel of the data that you need.

Google Home View: It gives you the key figures and numbers as relates to your engagement. This includes how many sessions, users, the duration of the sessions and the bounce rates.

  • How do you acquire your users?
  • When do the users visit your site?
  • Where are the users?
  • What are the trends of our active users over time?
  • How do you retain your users?
  • What are the top devices used to access your site?
  • What are the pages the users visit?
  • How is the AdWords campaign(s) performing?
  • What is your performance against the goals?

The reports are easy to read. The previews are short versions of the report. You can hover around the report for details of the specific area that you seek insight. If the detailed report is not sufficient, you can click through the main report for more details.

The data is visual

The report is more visually appealing. It follows the design of the New Adwords design that was rolled a while back. The visual report makes it easy to pick the key insights with speed.

You can also customize the reports. You can do it by changing the date range. The new data ranges include the last 30 days, the last 28 days, the last 90 days, the last quarter to the current date and the last 12 months, this year and the last year.

There is so much in the new home view. It replaces the audience overview report. You can access the report but have to navigate to the audience and overview tabs in the side navigation.

To learn more about Google Analytics, check out our Google Analytics training series here: demandquest.com/google-analytics/

To learn more about other Google Analytics Updates checks out the GA blog here: analytics.googleblog.com/







Highlights of Google AdWords Editor 12

Google AdWords Editor12 is now available for advertisers across the globe. It comes with a new design and a number of features that include faster account downloads, custom rules and support for bidding in order to maximize conversions and many others.

Refreshed look and feel

Google has refreshed the look and the feel of the AdWords Editor to ensure that it matches all the products that Google has in its docket. However, the new interface is purely cosmetic and does not change the user experience on Google AdWords. However, the version is easier to navigate and find your tools as you work on it.

Custom rules

The custom rules are meant to notify you of violations in the best practices of advertising before you post changes. The notifications appear as errors and warnings. The version comes with its own built-in recommended rules but also gives you a chance to edit them to meet your needs. In addition, if you do not find these rules helpful, you can pause all of them in bulk under the custom rules view.

Some of the common inbuilt custom rules include:

  • A warning if there are less than one call extensions at the account levels and other campaign levels
  • A warning if there are less than four sitelinks in the account level, groups, and campaigns
  • A warning if your ad is not targeting the relevant search partners
  • A warning if there are fewer than four callout extensions at the account level, each ad group and search Network campaign level.

Faster downloads

The new AdWords Editor enables you to migrate data from the previous version after you have downloaded it. This makes it easier to set up and start running on the new platform.

Bidding for maximum conversions

Google had initially introduced its ‘Maximize Conversions’ technology a month earlier on the web version of AdWords. The feature is now part of AdWords Editor 12. The Maximize Conversions also sets the ideal bid for every bid auction. This helps increase the number of conversions that are needed daily according to the budget you have set for the day.

More images and videos for universal app campaign

The new version allows you to include up to20images and 20 videos in your universal app campaigns. The version also has several new customization fields for responsive ad campaigns. The optional fields that have been added to enhance the responsive ads include the Promotion text, price prefix, 4:1 logo and the Call to action text.

To see what Google says about the new editor, check out their AdWords blog post here: http://bit.ly/2uqgd5S

To learn more about Google AdWords and to get Google AdWords Certified, check out our in-depth Google AdWords Certification Series.

Great Small Business Tools from NSBW 2017

Thanks to everyone who came to Demand Quest for our National Small Business Week 2017 free Google workshops and training to get you on the map! We had a great turnout and we shared a lot of important resources for small businesses to use in their digital marketing strategies. Here are some of our favorite local business resources from #NSBW #AllForSmallBiz:

Google Workshop Presentations:

Google Small Business Week Lessons: https://www.gybo.com/lessons

Google Business Listings: https://www.gybo.com/business

Google Small Business Channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/GoogleBusiness

Intro to AdWords Video Series: http://bit.ly/2p967m6

Google My Business Video Series: http://bit.ly/2p0OLgj

Learn with Google Video Series: http://bit.ly/2p0HTQ4

Additional Online Tools:

The Ultimate List: 50 Online Local Business Directories: http://bit.ly/2pIZ8o6

Test My Site – Think with Google: http://bit.ly/2oYD7Cx

G Suite by Google: Great for setting up email, calendars, documents sharing and a lot more: https://gsuite.google.com/

Google Voice (for forwarding calls, etc.) https://voice.google.com

See the latest trends, data and visualizations from Google:

Online Advertising:

Google AdWords: adwords.google.com

Bing Advertising: http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/home
Yahoo! Advertising: http://advertising.yahoo.com/
One of the best websites for learning all of the details of AdWords is the AdWords learning center and you can visit that here:http://support.google.com/adwords/certification/bi...
Here’s the AdWords Keyword tool to help you generate keyword and ad group ideas:

Google Grants for Nonprofits: https://www.google.com/grants/

Also, if you’re sending ads to your website, you want to make sure that it is optimized to convert. Take a look at the website marketing grader tool here: http://marketing.grader.com

Social Media Advertising:
LinkedIn Advertising: http://www.linkedin.com/advertising
LinkedIn Blog for Tips: http://blog.linkedin.com/topic/linkedin-tips/
Facebook Advertising: https://www.facebook.com/advertising http://www.facebook.com/ad_guidelines.php
Facebook Graph Search: https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch
Twitter Advertising: https://business.twitter.com/start-advertisingUsef… Resources and Articles

Search & SEO:
· How Search Works (Walkthrough) – http://www.google.com/insidesearch/howsearchworks/...
· Beginner’s Guide to SEO (Moz) – http://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo
· Resources to Broaden Your SEO Knowledge (Moz) – http://moz.com/learn/seo
Thanks again to everyone who came to training. Best wishes on your digital marketing success!

Spring Registration Open for all Digital Marketing Classes

Our Minneapolis digital marketing classes are starting up in May 2017. Here’s a full list of all our classes that you can register for online.

Google AdWords – May 3, 4, 10, 11, & 12 from 1-5

Learn how to create, manage and analyze high-performing online advertising campaigns in Google AdWords. Learn what new features are available in your MCC, see a higher CTR and lower CPC & CPM, and prep for your Google AdWords Certification Test.

Social Media Ads – May 17 & 24 from 1-5

Options for advertising through social media channels have changed drastically in the last few years. Learn how to pick which platform is best for your business (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram)and how to create effective campaigns including geo-targeting, remarketing, analytics, and much more.

Google Analytics – May 16, 18, 23, & 25 from 1-5 pm

Learn how to navigate Google Analytics,  analyze data and improve your overall business performance and ROI. Learn how to analyze reports, track web visitors, and turn those visitors into qualified leads.

Google Tag Manager – June 27 & 29 from 1-5

Google Tag Manager lets you launch new tags any time with a few clicks, so you never miss a measurement or marketing opportunity. This course will cover the basics of Google Tag Manager, and then we will get hands on with creating our own Google Tag Manager installation.

Digital Marketing Certificate – May 2 – May 25 (13 total classes)

Get the most comprehensive Digital Marketing training including Analytics, PPC, Social & SEO. Attend our 4 most popular digital marketing classes, receive your Digital Marketing Certificate, and save $300!

Search Engine Optimization – May 2 & 9 from 1-5

Learn how to make your website work for you! Learn how to optimize your website & landing pages so that they show up higher in search engine results organically.

Google AdWords & Analytics Certificate – May 3 – May 25 ( 9 classes total)

Become an AdWords and Analytics expert, receive your certificate of completion, and get prepped to take your Google Certification tests with this great series!

Digital Advertising Fundamentals – Returning Fall 2017

Learn Google AdWords, Social Media Advertising and Google Analytics. Perfect for small business owners, people new to Digital Marketing and anyone  looking to learn  introductory online marketing skills.

Essential training for today’s digital marketers.

Learn everything you need to know to harness Google and boost the profitability of all your marketing operations. Dive deep into Google Adwords, Analytics, Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, and more. Earn your Digital Marketing Certificate and become a master digital marketer!

Top 5 Digital Marketing Updates to Pay Attention To in 2017


1. SEOs (& All Companies) Need to Make Everything Mobile-Friendly. Right Now. 

mobile-website-tool-demandquestGoogle made a big announcement in November that they are starting to consider mobile rankings as more relevant than desktop rankings. Google says that the majority of their searches now come from mobile so they need to make sure their algorithm mirrors the trend. From Google’s recent blog post: “To make our results more useful, we’ve begun experiments to make our index mobile-first. Although our search index will continue to be a single index of websites and apps, our algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site, to understand structured data, and to show snippets from those pages in our results.” This means that non-mobile friendly sites are going to start being penalized in search engine results. This also means that if your site is not mobile-friendly, it’s time to call your local Search Engine Optimizer because your number one priority in 2017 is to make your site speedy and mobile-friendly. You can check how mobile-friendly your site is here: testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com and they will even send you a detailed report on how to fix any mobile compatibility issues you may have.


2. *Dense Content* Is Now Essential to Cut Through the Content Noise on Social Platforms

Holy overload of information, Batman! As we become more and more like the characters tied to their tech in the creepy yet mesmerizing Netflix series Black Mirror, we continue to post more (as do publishers and businesses) and in return, we have way more to filter through in our newsfeeds. Facebook changed its algorithm this summer to reduce the amount of publisher content that shows up in news feeds so we can see our “friends” stories more often and is currently taking aim at fake news on their streams. Even so, our attention spans keep getting shorter and we need to be bolder and more concise to stand out in an ever-growing ocean of white noise. In response, marketers should realize that dense content is necessary, making every line and every word count.

3. Live Video Streaming May Be a Way to Cut Through The Noise (Until It Isn’t) demandquest-mz-live

Do you want to know what’s happening IRL, right now? Facebook has been pushing their live technology for months with some success, including the first Presidential debate of the season, and since most people have faster Internet and crave in-the-moment content, more and more apps and platforms will also push “live streaming”. Facebook also just announced this week that Two-Person Broadcasting is also coming to Facebook Live. The updated version, which will go live later this summer starting with verified Pages, will now allow for two people in different locations to share a live broadcast. Live been on the upward tick for a couple of years and it will only continue to be utilized in 2017. Will you be live?

4. Mobile May Win in 2017 But Video Ads Will Be Close Behind

Not only do you need to consider going “live”, you should also up your video advertising game. As we get used to more and more live videos in our Facebook feed and Instagram Stories this year, video advertising is expected to amass $13.5 billion in revenue in 2017  – almost double its projected revenue from 2016. If you’re not ready to fully immerse yourself in video advertising, at least make an effort to learn how to use some of Facebook’s video features in the new year. It’s a tool that can help massively increase your social media reach and is well worth the investment. Google also just made Video campaign management easier with AdWords Scripts. They announced on Tuesday that they’re rolling out AdWords scripts support for TrueView and six-second bumper ad which means you’ll be able to programmatically create and manage video ad groups, targeting and other campaign features alongside your Search, Display and Shopping campaigns. The new script support is available for standard YouTube ad campaign types like TrueView in-stream, TrueView discovery and bumper ads – and they’re hoping to eventually expand functionality to additional campaign types like shopping. Check out The Latest YouTube Stats on When, Where, and What People Watch from Think with Google.

5. All Google Ads Will Soon Be Expanded Text Ads. 

This isn’t a prediction as much as it is a reality. We’ve been talking about Expanded Text ads for months and your deadline is officially approaching. As of January 31, 2017, AdWords will no longer support standard ads so you will not be able to edit or create standard ads but they will continue to exist alongside the new ads (until Google pulls them at some point in the future). Any ads created after that date must use the expanded ad format. You can read my post on how to easily update your current stand ads to expanded ads and how to optimize them in the new format: http://bit.ly/2cfdU0m

6. Bonus Prediction: The Tech Bubble will Pop Again (We Predict 2018). dq1

Our founder Ted Kozlowski started his career in Silicon Valley and if you’ve ever wondered how insane the start-up industry is, check out this great new book, Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble, by Dan Lyons, who’s a writer for HBO’s Silicon Valley and who is brutally honest about his time at Hubspot (marketing automation software startup) as a “beached white whale” in an overly upbeat, frat/cult-like work environment.