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Businesses of all sizes are using the power of analytics to explore key trends and performance related to Customer Satisfaction (NPS), Churn, Revenue, Active Users, Funnels, and a myriad of other key growth initiatives.

In this Analytics Bootcamp course, you will go in-depth to learn how to analyze data effectively to do your job better. Learn key analytical strategies that will help you become an analytical star within your business or organization including A/B testing, data visualizations, statistical significance, business intelligence tools, dashboards, and establishing key performance indicators (KPI’s). Read any current blog post or article about digital marketing and you will find that using data to illuminate key insights will help your organization succeed.  Come extend your Google Analytics knowledge to drive even greater business intelligence for your organization, department, and team. In the end, this course will help you gain more insight and that is worth any amount for a successful business or organization competing in today’s economy.

Course Outline:

  • Big Data v. Small Data – who the hell cares?
  • Going Beyond Google Tools – Post Google Analytics & Google Adwords training, what do you do now to help your business use data effectively?
  • Data Analysis & Visualization Tools – Sharpening those analysis tools in your “toolbox” jumping from Google Analytics, Excel, Tableau, Optimizely, Chartio, and others
  • Analysis 101 – How to use scientific method (yes, I said that) to drive better analyses, Starting an Analyses, Analyzing Data, and Data Visualizations
  • Analysis 201 – Layering in some basic statistics to help show real analytical power and rigor in your analyses
  • Analysis Workshop – Opportunity for students to examine their own business questions (hypotheses) and start to dig in with their own real data to drive insights and better understanding

In the Demand Quest series on Google Analytics, you learned all the important features and elements of setting up analytics tracking to help drive your business forward with data. In this new data science series, we are going beyond Google Analytics training to explore best practices and techniques to give your business or organization a critical edge in this data-driven economy. Analytics in a broader sense, where we explore how other analytical tools can be combined to give your business further insights and understanding about customers, revenue, and ultimately return on investment.

Edward Deming once said, “Without data, you are just another person with an opinion”. By learning some simple and a few more complicated techniques, you will be able to combine different data sources into reports and more importantly analyses that deliver real value to your business or organization.

In terms of adding more value beyond the GA and Adwords series you already have, this is an analytics boot camp. It gives students ownership in understanding that analytics is more than just looking at an auto-generated report in Google Analytics. It is about taking data and combining it to tell a data-story. That story telling is critical for successful analysts to drive change within an organization. Empowering people to understand the basic ideas around analytics and what you can do with combing analytical understanding with visualization and marketing story telling. Lots of people “talk” about data now, this course empowers people to make critical decisions for their business with much more confidence.

analytics bootcamp minneapolis, mn
data science and analytics bootcamp in minneapolis, mn

Classes will be offered again spring of 2018.

The DemandQuest Analytics  Bootcamp series is typically 2 classes lasting 4-hours per (generally 1-5 pm), starting with beginning analytics concepts and moving into advanced segmentation, reporting, and analyzing data. Individual classes are $250 per with discounts for registering for the entire series.

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