Managing your Google Ads campaigns through COVID-19

We’ve noticed that Google’s been more strict about ad approvals; we’ve had some image and video ads that are approved within hours and then some that are disapproved due to the new guidelines that Google’s implemented so we wanted to share Google’s updated ads guidelines.

Here are Google’s guidelines for evaluating and updating your campaigns during Covid. You can find the original here.

As communities continue to respond and adjust to COVID-19, we know businesses are facing unique challenges. To help you adapt your digital marketing strategy, Google has created this Business Guide and the resources below.

Evaluating your campaigns


Text ads iconSearch: Full guide  |  Checklist
Display campaigns iconDisplay: Full guide  |  Checklist
Discovery campaign iconDiscovery: Full guide  |  Checklist
Download app iconApps: Checklist
YouTube logoVideo: Checklist
Search Ads 360 logoSearch Ads 360: Checklist
Display & Video 360: Checklist
Bar chart iconMeasurement: Checklist
Local destination iconLocal: Checklist

Adapting to industry trends


Shopping cart iconRetail: Full guide  |  Checklist
Icon with a grid of appsMobile Gaming: Checklist
Hotel campaigns iconHotel: Checklist
Icon of fork and knifeFood and Beverage: Checklist
Arrow showing an upward trendGoogle Trends: Checklist

Please let us know if you have any questions. As we mentioned, we’ve had Google Ads campaigns that had video ads that were approved in hours and some that were disapproved for the vague “missing information” policy. We hope these guidelines will help you figure out what’s being approved, what’s not and why. Aim for transparency as always in your advertising!