We’re hunkered down against the April MN snow/hail storm-blizzard catching up on what’s new in digital marketing. Here’s what we’re reading while we wait for the storm to pass and the snow to melt:

Avoid the 8 most common pitfalls of automated bidding- we’ve never been huge fans of automated bidding, here’s how you can use it wisely: https://selnd.com/2Ubr92U
Are Dynamic Ad Varieties A Waste Of Your Time? https://selnd.com/2IgZM6e
Winning on Amazon: Here are 3 strategies that can help: https://mklnd.com/2Ks77BL
1,100+ Kids YouTube Channels to Exclude From Your Video Campaigns: http://bit.ly/2UcqoH5

Social Media – Facebook is taking transparency seriously. Here are some of their updates: 
Facebook launches searchable transparency library of all active ads (including Donald Trumps election ads): https://tcrn.ch/2uVZ45M
Facebook shows users when a Custom Audience list was uploaded: https://mklnd.com/2Z53jtx
Facebook to replace Exclude Categories with new brand safety ad filters: https://mklnd.com/2Itk9MW
Remove, Reduce, Inform: FB’s New Steps to Manage Problematic Content on their platforms including Facebook/Instagram: http://bit.ly/2X5Sp58

Search Engine Optimization: 
How to Approach Technical SEO in a New Light: http://bit.ly/2UudCsp
How To Boost the SEO of Your Organization’s LinkedIn Page: http://bit.ly/2USYKTK

Google Analytics – GTM – Data Studio: 
Year In Review Template For Google Data Studio from our own DQ instructor Jeff Sauer of Jeffalytics: http://bit.ly/2VFadU3
How to calculate Conversion Rates in Google Data Studio: http://bit.ly/2UHpBlV
Here’s how to use Google Tag Manager’s new Trigger Groups – This update offers a new way to manage how often, and under what circumstances, a tag will fire in GTM: https://selnd.com/2UtgeXq
How to Export Data from Google Analytics and Search Console (without 3rd Party Software): http://bit.ly/2UthE4c

What else we’re reading: 
How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind — from a Magician and Google Design Ethicist: http://bit.ly/2P7tBXG

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Search Engine Optimization (Spring 2019 only)
Learn how to optimize your website to get to the top of search engines organically.
April 17 & 24

Jeff Sauer’s Google Marketing Platform Series (Spring 2019 only)
Whether you’re new to Google Analytics or looking to dig deep into GTM or Data Studio, this will be Jeff’s only training session with us this year so be sure to join us!
Intro to Google Analytics – May 1
Google Tag Manager – May 8
Google Data Studio – May 15

Social Media Advertising
Learn how to create and optimize social media advertising campaigns on the platforms that will perform best for your company.
Apri 18 & 25

Google Ads (AdWords) Complete Series (Spring 2019 only)
From set-up to optimization plus all that’s new in AdWords (which is a lot), learn how to improve your ROI and get better results from your ads.
May 2, 9, & 16

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