Are your Google Ads Campaigns ready for the Holidays? DemandQuest is a Google AdWords Certified Premium Partner with AdWords specialists who can improve your ROI and get rid of wasteful spending. Many of our students and clients already have online advertising campaigns running but they are not getting the results that they want. Our resident PPC experts manage 10s of millions of dollars in ad spend monthly and would be happy to audit your campaigns to see what improvements can be made. We have saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend. We can also teach you how to implement the latest tools and best practices on Google AdWords, Bing, as well as Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Advertising. We are happy to consult individuals as well as small and large companies on how to optimize your campaigns for a lower cost-per-lead and how to effectively manage your PPC campaign managers. Find out more today; call 612-460-8770 or email info @

  • Cut wasteful spending
  • Improve your cost-per-lead and ROI
  • Implement best practices for ongoing optimization
  • Landing pages that convert