Bing will be removing their sidebar search ads by the end of the March.

According to a press release from the search engine: “During recent testing, we found that a SERP [search engine results page] layout excluding sidebar text ads produced overall click gains for our advertisers, particularly for existing mainline text ads and Product Ads, with an immaterial impressions impact.

Based on this finding, here are important things to know for the United States market only:
As of March 26, 2018, text ads will no longer be served on the sidebar, while Product Ads will continue to be served on the sidebar.
Ads at the bottom of the page will increase from three ads to four ads and will show additional unique ads compared to our current implementation. Ads at the bottom of the page allow for richer ad formats, which sidebar ads did not.
This change applies to the Bing owned and operates sites only. There is no impact for syndication partners, including Yahoo and AOL.
We encourage you to closely monitor your campaigns for the next few weeks to understand the impact on impression share and clicks”

You’ll remember that in 2016 Google made this same move (you can read about it here) and while we as advertisers were curious, the results did seem to be positive with better CTRs which Google attributes to people not “glazing-over” the ads on the right-hand side. Bonus tip: do you know who the biggest winner of the Google change turned out to be? Ads in position three.

Bing will add text in an extra ad spot at the bottom of the search results, meaning as many as four text ads may display below the organic search results.

Shopping ads will continue to show in the sidebar in some search results. The change affects Bing search results only and does not apply to its syndication partners, such as AOL and Yahoo.