Google has now started using machine learning for its search results. While this has improved the quality of the search results, it has presented challenges to brands which must now get smarter and work within the industry SEO rules. Here are the main things that must be found on the websites.

  • There must be highly relevant content that presents actionable and engaging information on the keywords entered in the search query.

Google checks on the relevancy of the content entered in the websites in relations to the intention of the readers. Therefore, it scans the text to find if there is a relationship between what the readers want and not just what they have entered in the search results.

  • The pages must be more streamlined, and load faster. This may mean the use of fewer videos and images.

While interactive content such as the use of videos and images capture the audience, it may also lead to visual overload and lower loading times. Therefore more text content and fewer interactive content works. This varies from one industry to the other. Some industries work well with the use of images than lots of text.

  • Ranking highly now means using less of the keyword phrase in the text. The more the keyword phrase is used, the lower you rank on the new AI-enhanced Google searches.

The more the keywords are used in the text, the more the text looks unnatural. Google is advocating for content that is easy to understand and flows well when answering the readers’ questions. Reducing the keywords and enhancing the relevancy of the content is a sure thing to get a higher ranking.

  • The new AI is favoring sites with fewer menus and interactive elements that lead the visitors to other pages of the site.
  • For professional services, being engaged or shared in LinkedIn helps rank high in the search results. LinkedIn is considered to as a credible professional network. Other products and service sites are okay with Facebook and Twitter among others.

Because of the machine learning, Google is better able to decipher the intentions behind the words that are entered in the search bar. This way, it can deliver results that are relevant and industry-specific. Therefore, brands can no longer rely on the general SEO tactics in their SEO efforts. They need to understand what the AI will be looking for when ranking sites in a particular industry.

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