AdWords introduces check-a-box and automatic headline creation test

Google has stepped up its campaign for advertisers to run several ad variations in different ad groups. They have also been encouraging the advertisers to ditch the manual A/B testing and let the machine learning artificial intelligence figure out which would be the best ad given the mix of extensions that there are in every auction scenario and we decided to give it a try.

Recently Google has been trying to make it even easier for the advertisers to adopt the basic ad testing. The new option allows the advertisers to create a second ad but keeps the headlines in reverse order by checking the box and automatically creating an A/B headline test. The new feature is still in its development mode as the search giant looks to many more ways to enhance user experience in AdWords.

Integrating Google Surveys 360 and Google Optimize

Google also recently announced the integration of Google Surveys 360 and Google Optimize with Google AdWords in an effort to help advertisers learn more about their clients. Google Optimize enables the advertisers to redirect, multivariate and A/B tests in order to know which variations of their web pages have the biggest impact on their conversion rates.

Google Optimize has been around for some time and helps test ad copies for maximum impact. With its integration to Google AdWords, it will be easier to test how the elements of landing page affect the rates of conversion when they are tailored for specific ad groups, keywords, and AdWords campaigns. If you wanted to increase the rates of conversion for a given group of keywords such as the long-tailed phrases on a landing page, you can create a test variation on the targeted keywords and measure their impact.

Surveys 360 is another potential tool for optimizing the conversion rates and usability tests as it enables you to ask the web users of their thoughts about your website and give feedback on ways to improve it. The remarketing lists available on Google AdWords will become available in Surveys 360 for the purposes of survey targeting. Survey 360 can be used to interact with a pool of millions of real web users for their opinions. The people should not have necessarily interacted with your brand. Setting up a survey is quite easy as well as picking the audience. The questions are also in formats that are easy to answer for your target audience. Use the enhanced features to improve your targeting and give the best experience to your visitors for maximum impact.

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