Google has been changing the face of Google Analytics gradually until it made a full overhaul. With all the Google Analytics Updates, what has changed in the new Home view?

Google Analytics configures data for you

Google Analytics has become a mega reporting tool that brings out lots of information on logging in. The report picks out the key metrics that you need and brings them to the forefront. It does not require you to configure anything. The AI will do all the work for you. If you have certain goals that you need to be met through some data, Google Analytics will pull the report for you fast. Its key driver is to make it easier to pick your key insights for your client or business.

Your analytics questions answered

Below are some of the reports that are present in the new Home View. Each report is labeled with some questions that give a basic feel of the data that you need.

Google Home View: It gives you the key figures and numbers as relates to your engagement. This includes how many sessions, users, the duration of the sessions and the bounce rates.

  • How do you acquire your users?
  • When do the users visit your site?
  • Where are the users?
  • What are the trends of our active users over time?
  • How do you retain your users?
  • What are the top devices used to access your site?
  • What are the pages the users visit?
  • How is the AdWords campaign(s) performing?
  • What is your performance against the goals?

The reports are easy to read. The previews are short versions of the report. You can hover around the report for details of the specific area that you seek insight. If the detailed report is not sufficient, you can click through the main report for more details.

The data is visual

The report is more visually appealing. It follows the design of the New Adwords design that was rolled a while back. The visual report makes it easy to pick the key insights with speed.

You can also customize the reports. You can do it by changing the date range. The new data ranges include the last 30 days, the last 28 days, the last 90 days, the last quarter to the current date and the last 12 months, this year and the last year.

There is so much in the new home view. It replaces the audience overview report. You can access the report but have to navigate to the audience and overview tabs in the side navigation.

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