Google AdWords Editor12 is now available for advertisers across the globe. It comes with a new design and a number of features that include faster account downloads, custom rules and support for bidding in order to maximize conversions and many others.

Refreshed look and feel

Google has refreshed the look and the feel of the AdWords Editor to ensure that it matches all the products that Google has in its docket. However, the new interface is purely cosmetic and does not change the user experience on Google AdWords. However, the version is easier to navigate and find your tools as you work on it.

Custom rules

The custom rules are meant to notify you of violations in the best practices of advertising before you post changes. The notifications appear as errors and warnings. The version comes with its own built-in recommended rules but also gives you a chance to edit them to meet your needs. In addition, if you do not find these rules helpful, you can pause all of them in bulk under the custom rules view.

Some of the common inbuilt custom rules include:

  • A warning if there are less than one call extensions at the account levels and other campaign levels
  • A warning if there are less than four sitelinks in the account level, groups, and campaigns
  • A warning if your ad is not targeting the relevant search partners
  • A warning if there are fewer than four callout extensions at the account level, each ad group and search Network campaign level.

Faster downloads

The new AdWords Editor enables you to migrate data from the previous version after you have downloaded it. This makes it easier to set up and start running on the new platform.

Bidding for maximum conversions

Google had initially introduced its ‘Maximize Conversions’ technology a month earlier on the web version of AdWords. The feature is now part of AdWords Editor 12. The Maximize Conversions also sets the ideal bid for every bid auction. This helps increase the number of conversions that are needed daily according to the budget you have set for the day.

More images and videos for universal app campaign

The new version allows you to include up to20images and 20 videos in your universal app campaigns. The version also has several new customization fields for responsive ad campaigns. The optional fields that have been added to enhance the responsive ads include the Promotion text, price prefix, 4:1 logo and the Call to action text.

To see what Google says about the new editor, check out their AdWords blog post here:

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