Expanded text ads are not just a good idea; they’re a must-do. As more and more visitors come in through mobile, optimizing for mobile is essential. You can read about the advantages of expanded text ads here (as well as the guidelines) and when you’re ready to roll out your extended ads, here’s a step-by-step guide to the easiest way to update them by editing your current text ads:

If you’re familiar with Editor, go to the text ads you want to edit, select all and Export as Expanded text ads. Your ads will download as a .csv but in the expanded text ad format. Edit your ads to fit the new guidelines and upload them with the “Make multiple changes” tab of the expanded text ad section of your campaign. Double check your ads to make sure they make sense and look good and you’re done!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to expanded text ads editing:

  1. Login to your Google AdWords Editor and select the account you want to work on.
  2. Click on “Get Recent Changes” (It’s a good idea to always start your editing in Editor with a quick refresh of your campaigns. Start demandquest-adwords-editor-expanded-adsevery Editor session with Get Recent Changes.)
  3. Navigate to the campaign you’d like to edit and select all of the current text ads that you’d like to replicate.
  4. Scroll up to “Export As” and select “Export as expanded text”. Editor will create a .csv file of your current text ads in the expanded text ad format.
  5. Edit your ads to fit the expanded text ad format
    • Headline: Going from one 25 character line to two 30 character headlines (FYI, Headline One is more important in generating clicks than Headline Two)
    • Description line: Going from two 35 character lines to one consolidated 80 character line, take advantage of the new space
    • Customizable URL paths – Your Display URL will be automatically updated from your final URL with options for you to pick relevant URL paths (we recommend taking advantage of the URL paths)
  6. When you’re finished editing your ads to the fit the expanded format, go back to Editor, and choose “Make Multiple Changes” to the Expanded Text Ads section of the campaign you’re working on.
  7. Copy your entire list from your .csv file (including the headers) and paste into Editor. This should automatically populate the corresponding fields of the ads.
  8. Finish your upload and check your new expanded text ads to ensure that they fit, make sense, and are compelling to a user.
  9. Pat yourself on the back for rocking AdWords Editor and changing multiple ads without the headache of copying and pasting each one!


If you have any trouble with this, please let me know. We’re also teaching Google AdWords soon in the Twin Cities and as always, offer Google AdWords Audits. Happy editing!