We’ve always believed that word of mouth and testimonials were the best way to get the word out about our great classes & training and with that in mind, we’ve started an affiliate program that we invite you to join. Since we teach digital marketing to digital marketers, who better than our past students to spread the word about training at DQ. We’re paying out 10% for referrals to classes which can mean up to $200 for a registration!  (our Digital Marketing Certificate is $2,000. A 10% referral fee is $200! You won’t see those affiliate rates on Amazon.)

Questions about the program:

How do I sign up? Contact Rachael Kozlowski at rachael at demandquest.com to get started. She will help you determine which classes you want to promote and get you the links you need with your unique affiliate code embedded in them. Then share your links with people who you think would benefit from digital marketing training in the Twin Cities. Your links will be tracked automatically via Eventbrite.

Is this program open to anyone? Nope. It’s a referral program for people who have been to our school and want to help us promote our classes to other marketers. We reserve the right to refuse program acceptance to anyone.

Are there any terms? Yes. By participating in the affiliate program, you’re agreeing to the following terms:

Can I use the referral program to get discounts for myself? No.This program is about getting new students into class. Referrals for and from yourself will not be paid out. We’re pretty cool about issuing discounts for past students and anyone with financial concerns. If you’d like to take a class and can’t pay full price, let us know. We’ll find something that works. Also, students who have been to DemandQuest classes before are not eligible for a commission. They’ve been to class before! Bring in new students if you want to get paid.

Can I use the referral program to get discounts for my friends/colleagues? Yes as long as they haven’t attended class with us before. Keep in mind that we offer group discounts for companies that send more than 3 employees to a class and that can affect your fee.

How much will I be paid? We’re offering a whopping 10% referral fee for any student who registers, pays for, completes the class, and doesn’t request a refund. There are some exceptions that will be based on unique circumstances but most registrations will yield a straight 10% fee.

When do I get paid? We will issue checks 10 business days after the final class of a series. Payments may be delayed due to completed payment from Eventbrite and student requested refunds. Please keep your current address on file so we may expedite payment and let us know if you have any questions.

May I advertise on your behalf? Yes, you may. Please note that any advertising expenses you accrue will be your expense. We will not reimburse any ad spend.

Do you have ads that I can use for advertising? Yes. Talk to Rachael; she’ll hook you up.

Where can I promote? Wherever you like so long as you’re keeping it classy. We’re a family company and don’t want any of our ads or info on sites that you wouldn’t send your Grandma to (think porn, spam, or scam).

You offer custom digital training and online training via Skype. Can I promote that type of training as well? Yes. If you bring in a customized training proposal that goes through; you will get a 7% commission on instructor fees.

Contact Rachael today to get started!