Ted Kozlowski (online advertising and PPC teacher at DemandQuest) started his career in Silicon Valley and if you’ve ever wondered how insane the start-up industry is, check out this great new book, Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble, by Dan Lyons, who’s a writer for the show Silicon Valley on HBO. Lyons is brutally honest about his time at Hubspot (marketing automation software start-up) where he considered himself a “beached white whale” in an overly upbeat, frat-like work environment surrounded by twenty-somethings. It’s a great look at what the inner workings of a very successful tech start-up are like these days.

It rings especially true for some of our students who find themselves at an unexpected career change. We have a number of students who are starting out in marketing after decades of successful careers in other fields. Lyons thinks it’s not about a “takedown” of Hubsot. As Lyons puts it “I think it’s a book about a 50-year-old guy trying to reinvent himself and create a new career,” he says. “That’s the part of the book that’s resonated for people. I’ve been amazed by my inbox. I have all of these letters [from readers] saying they’ve gone through the same thing.”  [Original interview here at inc.com] We loved it. Let us know if you did too.