Interested in getting Google Analytics and/or Google AdWords Certified?  Whether you’re new to Google’s complex software or have been using it for years, here are some reasons you may want to get your certifications.

Why get Certified:
  • Clients and employers believe training and certification are important
  • Learn how to use and implement new features
  • Improved online advertising & overall website performance
  • Get included in the new AdWords Professional Search

Clients and Employers Believe Training and Certification are Important:

There are so many marketing professionals out there offering a wide range of services at all levels of competence so having your certifications can show a client or an employer that you really do know what you’re doing when it comes to PPC management and Analytics. If you’re self-employed or at an agency, this is a must have. I believe it will help set you apart amongst job applicants as well as it shows your commitment to education and training.

Learn How to Use and Implement New Features:

We often joke in our AdWords and Analytics classes that we’ll probably see at least one new feature appear in any of our 4-5 week courses and we often do!  The updates to Google’s software are astounding and we see students who have been using AdWords or Analytics for years who never knew about certain features that make their lives easier and their campaigns much more effective. It’s also really gratifying when you can bring in a new technique to your clients or employer or both.  Also, since you have to get certified every two years, having this certification proves that you are educated and up to date on current features.

Improve Your Online Advertising & Website Performance:

It used to be that we just threw money at the web and hoped for the best. Now we’re able to track who’s coming and for how long, how they got there and what their behavior looked like while they visited. Then we can re-market them to come back and give us another shot. The intricacies and complexities of analyzing your online advertising efforts are amazing and incredibly useful. When you have a handle on how both Google Analytics and AdWords work, you can use them to cut costs, improve ROI, improve visitor retention and return rates. The possibilities are endless.

Be Included in the Google AdWords Professional Search:

Once you are certified, you and/or your company will be featured in the Google Partners Search which is a directory of certified companies and individuals. Prospective advertisers and clients can search here: and use a variety of criteria (location, estimated budget, services, etc.) to find a qualified Google professional. You can also use the Google badges on your website (with a link to your credentials) for added credibility.


Learn more about the Google Partner’s Certifications:

AdWords CertificationAnalytics Certification –  Take test here:

About Training at the DemandQuest Marketing Institute: 

We offer on-site, virtual, and in-person training. We can send our instructors to you, we can teach via Google Hangout or Skye, or you can attend one of our classes at our Northeast Minneapolis training facility. Our classes are comprehensive and the goal is to be able to understand and effectively use the Google Analytics and AdWords software. We offer in-depth training and certification programs as well as one-day seminars. Please check out our certifications classes here.